Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Plants and accessories

Although i have a Distinct love for all that is brown and a wicked sepia fetish , its always nice to have a splash of colour, i love plants in a room, so why not add s splast of green maintaining a naturalist almost jungle theme with some exotic plants, add a touch of excitement with some hanging carnivorous plants adding an aspect of hieght simultaniously... 
Nepenthes Alata: Via Here
Also cheese plants are pretty cool in my opinion, relatively in expensive and bomb proof but having magnificent shaped giant leaves
Some character enhancing statement pieces perhaps?
Royal masters sea light: Via: Reclaimed hardware
Absolutely love these, could fill them with anything!
Via: Reclaimed hardware
Drift wood is organic and can be used to make anything, maybe a group to make a display? or even hung individually on a wall?
Drift wood: Via Driftwood scotland

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