Friday, 1 April 2011

storage...of a sort

This is a fantastic idea... I've always had a chair in my bedroom which in turn inadvertently becomes my main form of storage... so why not design storage like a chair?
Via Ikea Hackers
  Source: Recyclcart


You can never have to many plants around it seems, and if they are fantastically alternate and interesting in nature, then well how could you possibly go wrong (thinks of little shop of horrors momentarily)
so when i saw these by AURELIEN ARBET and JEREMIE EGRY well i was a little impressed...
This one is definitely my favorite (i love the use of unwanted books), although i cant help feeling a little guilty when defacing a book, i have deep reverencey for even the most humble of books... weird ai?
This one isn't without merit however, and would look epic in an explorer themed room...

Via: recyclart