Sunday, 28 August 2011

Taxidermy with a Twist

Being somewhat of a science homeboy, reveling in all that is Victorian, the age of discovery machines, science vs religion and the constant need of inquisitiveness, coupled with adventure, i love a dash of taxidermy, however i am not fond of the idea of a half shreeking killer whale head infested with a myriad of lice, beetles and other such joyous creatures co-residing in my humble abode, although i love clutter, i cant help but feel that sometimes it is less than practical, and so i have been looking for interesting alternatives:
Cardboard mounts via: Trendsetter
Actually I've made  something very similar from scratch before (Derick the deer) and had plans to make a more permanent version out of foam core, however the prices of this material are currently sky high...gash

The next example is from a rather crafty designer known as Jennifer Khoshbin who predominantly uses textured and coloured paper for the desired effect, these I like, lots...

loving the beetles...
And to something not to dissimilar Design sponge have posted up a tutorial as to how to to make a This here Papermache Deer Head :

Chompers is pretty darn ace himself: but a little bright for my desired decorum 
Chompers Via: Thereimould effect

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